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Kokedama 苔玉

Ko-Ke-Da-Mah is a Japanese gardening technique that originated from bonsai. The plant is placed into a ball of soil, then covered in moss and secured with string, making it self-contained and doing away with pots all together. It is a minimal plant aesthetic that showcases the plant and its personality.

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About Of Soil and Moss

Of Soil and Moss is a plant shop specializing in the art of Kokedama.

I saw a Kokedama once at a Japanese plant shop and was filled with wonder and so purchased one.  I was fascinated with how this plant was beautiful yet so simple and minimal.  I was so excited about this technique of keeping plants that I decided to Kokedama most of my plants at home. To my surprise they all thrived and are still doing great years later.

I have now been practicing the art of Kokedama for eight years and I am still just as excited and curious about the process as I was when I first started. I now experiment with different plants, soil composition and moss varieties.  Every plant is unique and hand crafted at the studio.

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